Brief Description
Updating Disc Cover
Removing Disc Cover
Useful Web Resources
Conventions Used in this Document
End User License Agreement

Getting Started
Basic Steps of Using Disc Cover
Quick Start Guide

Program Interface
Disc Cover Main Window
The Source Panel
The Inspector Window
The Preferences Dialog
Keyboard Shortcuts

Working With Documents
Creating a Blank Document
Opening an Existing Document
Saving a Document
Using Templates

Document Layout
Introduction to the Document Layout
Design Element and Disc Cover Document
Adding and Removing Design Elements
Changing the Type of a Design Element
Changing The Dimensions of a Design Element
Choosing Paper or Printer Tray

Custom Templates for Papers and Trays
Custom Templates
The List of Custom Paper Templates
Creating a Custom Template
Customizing a Pre-Defined Template

Editing the Content of Disc Labels and Covers
Basic Operations on Objects
Working with Text
Inserting Current Date and Time Information
Working with Images
Working with Smart Shapes
Editing Collages
Working with Backgrounds
Working with Art Text
Working with Barcodes
File Data
Editing Images (Image Tricks plug-in)
Using Image Generators (Image Tricks plug-in)

Importing Text Data and Artwork
Introduction to Importing
Music Content  (iTunes, MP3 files, Toast)
Photo Content  (iPhoto, Photos, Aperture, Finder)
Video Content  (iDVD, iTunes, iPhoto, Photos, video files)
Creating a File List
Importing Data from a Text File
Importing Audio CD Information from the Internet
Importing Lyrics
Formatting the Imported Text Data
Custom Format Dialog

Printing and Exporting Documents
Printing on Paper
Printing Directly on a Disc
LightScribe™ Label Burning
Labelflash™ Label Burning
Bleeds at Printing
Printer Calibration
Exporting Documents

Creating and Printing Multipage Booklets
Introduction to Multipage Booklets
Pages Preview Panel
Master Pages
Printing Multipage Booklets

Solving Problems
Technical Support