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Working with Cards


An account is a card used to store information in a form. The program provides you with several templates for the most common types of information, such as credit card numbers, login info, software registration, and more.

1 – The icon that appears on the card in the main window. To choose another icon, here and choose one in the list.

2 – The account name. You can see it in the main window.

3 – The Choose App... button is present only in Software Registration accounts. This button is used to specify an application and import its icon for your card.

4 – Here you can specify the category your account belongs to in order to organize cards in the main window.

5 – The account template type. The selected template determines the fields that are shown.

6 – Data fields used to store your information.

7 – The eye icon is used to display or hide text in the fields containing confidential information (e.g. passwords).

8 – The Notes area is used to place any additional information.


To add a new account:

  1. Click the Add Account button in the toolbar to open an empty account.
  2. Choose an account template.
  3. Type in a name.
  4. Choose an icon.
  5. Select a category.
  6. Type information into the fields.
  7. Click Save Changes.

To remove an account, right-click on it and choose Move to Trash. To delete it permanently, empty the Trash.

To open an account, double-click on it in the main window.

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