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The Source Panel

The Source panel is a part of the main window. It lets you add images from external sources or from the clipart, as well as import contact information from Address Book.


1 – The Contacts section displays contact information imported from Address Book.

2 – The Import section lets you import images from iPhoto, Photos, Aperture or a folder.

3 – The built-in clipart.

4 – Hide or show the Source panel.

5 – In this drop-down list, you can select a group of contacts from Address Book. In the Pictures and Clipart sections, you can select photo albums or image categories.

6 – List of contacts. In the Pictures and Clipart sections, image thumbnails are displayed.

7 – Search tool.

8 – Contact sorting tool.

9 – Handle to close or change the width of the Source panel.


To populate text fields with contact information, select a name in the list.

To add an image in the design, drag the image thumbnail onto the canvas.


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