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Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Documents

Cmd-N Create a new blank document.
Cmd-Shift-N Create a new document using the Assistant.
Cmd-O Open an existing document.
Cmd-W Close the current document.
Cmd-S Save the current document.
Cmd-Shift-S Save the current document under a new filename.
Cmd-Shift-Option-S Save the current document as a template.
Cmd-Option-E Export the document to another file format.
Cmd-Q Quit Business Card Composer.
Cmd-P Print the document.

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Working with Objects

Cmd-Z Undo the last operation.
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo the last operation.
Cmd-X Cut the selected objects or text and send them to the Clipboard.
Cmd-C Copy the selected objects or text to the Clipboard.
Cmd-V Paste the content from the Clipboard into the document.
Cmd-D Duplicate the selected object(s).
Del Delete the selected object(s).
Cmd-A Select all objects on the active layer of the document.
Cmd-Option-F Bring Forward.
Cmd-Shift-F Bring to Front.
Cmd-Option-B Send Backward.
Cmd-Shift-B Send to Back.
Cmd-Option-I Insert an image from a file.
Cmd-Option-G Group selected objects.
Cmd-Shift-Option-G Ungroup objects.
Arrow Move the selected objects.
Shift-Arrow Move the selected objects (increased shift).
Cmd-Shift-Option-[Left Arrow] Rotate the selected object counterclockwise by 5º steps.
Cmd-Shift-Option-[Right Arrow] Rotate the selected object clockwise by 5º steps.

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Working with Windows and Dialogs

Cmd-Ctrl-"=" Zoom In.
Cmd-Ctrl-"-" Zoom Out.
Cmd-Ctrl-W Fit width.
Cmd-Ctrl-H Fit height.
Cmd-Ctrl-P Fit page.
Cmd-M Minimize the active window.
Cmd-W Close the current document window.
Cmd-"," Bring up the application Preferences dialog.
Cmd-Shift-C Display or hide the color properties dialog.
Cmd-T Display or hide the font properties dialog.
Cmd-R Show or hide the rulers.
Cmd-1 Open the Document tab of Inspector.
Cmd-2 Open the Geometry tab of Inspector.
Cmd-3 Open the Fill & Shadow tab of Inspector.
Cmd-4 Open the Image tab of Inspector.
Cmd-5 Open the Text tab of Inspector.
Cmd-6 Open the Alignment tab of Inspector.
Cmd-Shift-I Display or hide Inspector.
Cmd-\ Turn the preview mode on or off.
Cmd-Option-T Display or hide the toolbar.
Ctrl-Cmd-F Enter or exit the full screen view mode.

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Working with Text

Cmd-B Make text Bold.
Cmd-I Make text Italic.
Cmd-U Underline text.
Cmd-Shift-O Outline text
Cmd-"+" Increase font size.
Cmd-"-" Decrease font size.
Cmd-Option-[Left Arrow] Tighten text.
Cmd-Option-[Right Arrow] Loosen text.
Option-[Up Arrow] Rise baseline.
Option-[Down Arrow] Lower baseline.
Return Insert a line break in a text field or box.
Cmd-":" Open the Spelling dialog.
Cmd-";" Check spelling.

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Working with the Mouse

Hold down Shift when working with handles Invert proportional resize to disproportional, and vice versa.
Cmd-Mouse Toggle the snap object mode on/off.
Option-Mouse Duplicate objects.
Shift-click Select or deselect object without changing other objects' properties.
Ctrl-click or right-click an object Bring up the context menu for the object.

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Cmd-F Open the Find dialog box.
Cmd-G Find the next occurrence of the word or phrase entered into the Find dialog box.
Cmd-Shift-G Find the previous occurrence of the word or phrase entered into the Find dialog box.
Cmd-E Find the next occurrence of a word or phrase that you have selected in a text box.
Cmd-J Show the selected object(s) in the document view.

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