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Printing Problems

The printer does not print:

If your text or images have low quality (light bands or gaps on the printout, the printout fades out, you see wrong colors), check the ink or toner level.

If the printout is blurry or the ink takes a long time to dry, make sure that:

To localize the cause of the problem, do a test print using other software. If the problem persists, more than likely, the problem is connected with the hardware.

For more detailed guidance, refer your printer User's Manual.

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Cards do not line up at printing

If printed cards go out the cards' boundary on the paper, you should calibrate your printer.

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The program cannot access the Extras Pack clipart moved to other location

In some cases, you may want to move the clipart to a new folder. This can be done using an alias which directs the program to a new location.

  1. In Finder, open the folder containing the clipart:
    /Library/Application Support/BeLight Software/
    Copy the ClipArt folder to a new place.
  2. Rename the original ClipArt folder to something like ClipArt-old.
  3. Open
    Copy the following line (a space at the end is needed):
    sudo ln -s 
    and paste it into the Terminal window.
  4. Drag and drop the ClipArt folder from the new location into the Terminal.
  5. Copy this line:
    /Library/Application\ Support/BeLight\ Software/ClipArt
    and paste it into the Terminal.
    At the moment, the command line in the Terminal must look like this (the first path can be different):
    sudo ln -s /Volumes/Extra_Drive/ClipArt /Library/Application\ Support/BeLight\ Software/ClipArt
  6. Hit the Return key. You'll be asked to input the administrator's password.
  7. Open the program and check if is still can access the extra clipart.
  8. Remove ClipArt-old.


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