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Printer Calibration

Printed cards may not line up properly on the card stock. This can happen when you print on thick or glossy paper that slips when it's being fed into the printer or when the printer is not configured properly.

These problems can be solved by calibrating the printer. Calibration adjusts the position of printed text and graphics on the paper.

To bring up the printer calibration dialog, choose File > Calibrate Printer in the menu. In the dialog, input the horizontal and vertical distances from the printed card to its predetermined position on the paper.

Calibration Calibration

Aligns the whole sheet

Aligns only the bottom cards (up/down)

The sign of the entered value (positive or negative) affects the shift direction:






Moves cards rightward

Moves cards upward

Moves bottom cards upward


Moves cards leftward

Moves cards downward

Moves bottom cards downward

Insert a sheet of your business card paper into the printer, and click on the Print button to print the calibration rulers on the sheet. Then, enter the ruler values that are against the RIGHT and BOTTOM edges of the top-left card on the sheet into the Vertical and Horizontal fields.

Printer Calibration Rulers

Should it happen that your top cards print okay, while the bottom ones are still slightly off, enter the value against the TOP edge of the bottom-right card into the Scale field of the dialog.

To be sure that you have calibrated your printer successfully, print a copy of your document. Printing the calibration sheet for this again makes no sense.

After calibration, cards in the middle of the page remain blank. You can still print on them. Remember, that printing on the same paper again is not recommended for laser printers.

For calibration, choose the same print settings and media that you will use for printing: quality (high, normal or draft), resolution, color/monochrome, paper type (plain, glossy), etc. It is a mistake to print the calibration sheet at low quality and then switch to high quality for printing the document.

You can calibrate each printer you use, just select the printer and go through each of the above steps in the Printer Calibration dialog.


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