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Before printing on business card paper:


  1. Select File > Print (Cmd-P) from the menu.
    The print dialog will come up. In the dialog you can see a preview of the cards as they will be positioned on the printed sheet.

  2. Select the printer from the Printer drop-down list (1).

  3. Set up the number of cards you want to print (2). To start printing from a certain position on the page (to make use of a partially used sheet) but not from the first, set the position number in Start from card (3). For example, to skip the first three cards, set "4" here.

  4. Select Print as Raster Image (4) if you need to convert all the vector graphics and text to the raster format before sending your card to the printer. This helps avoid problems on some PostScript printers.

  5. Select Convert Text to Curves if you need to convert all text to a vector image before sending your card to the printer. This helps avoid problems with printing fonts.

  6. Select Cut lines (6) or Dotted marks (7) check boxes if you are going to print on regular paper rather than on special card paper.

  7. Select one or both card sides (8) if you are printing a double-sided card. See Printing Double-Sided Cards for more information.

  8. Click the Next button to proceed to the standard print dialog. Change the printer settings (print quality, type of paper, etc.), if necessary.
    Note that the Copies parameter in the standard print dialog defines the number of cards (not sheets!).

  9. Click the Print button.


If the printed cards are cut off at the bottom of the page (only the Letter format), select the Ignore printer page settings option in the Printing section of the program Preferences (Cmd-,). Make sure that the printer has been calibrated and the correct paper has been selected.

If you want to print cards for several people using the same card design, use the Print for Several People option from the File menu.

If you would like to print cards with different designs (saved in different files) on one page, use the Print Multiple Designs option from the File menu.


Printing Double-Sided Cards

The procedure of printing double-sided cards is similar to the steps described above.

You can print both sides or any side of a double-sided card separately. To choose the side(s) to print, use the Print Side drop-down list (8). If you selected Both Sides, the print preview will show each paper side as a separate page. Do not be confused by this!

You can choose one of two options of printing order with Duplex printing order checkbox:

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