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Working with Text Fields


Use of Text Fields

Text fields are used to display:

Unlike text boxes, each text field has the predetermined type (for example, First Name, Company, Phone, etc.). The contact information in text fields is automatically changed when you select another person. In the Print for Multiple People mode, the information on each card may vary according to the contacts you have selected.


Adding and Deleting Text Fields

To add a text field:

  1. Click the "T" toolbar button (the mouse pointer icon will change).
  2. Click on the card, the pop-up list will display the text field types.
  3. Select a text field type.
To delete a text field, select it and press the Delete key.


Modifying the Content of Text Fields

To change what kind of information is displayed in the selected text field, choose another text field type from a drop-down menu in the Text tab of the Inspector.

To populate a text field with data from Address Book, select a name in the Contacts section of the Source panel. The Custom text field is not linked with any data source. The information inside a Custom field should be typed manually.

To modify the text manually, double-click on it.

To format the text (change the font, alignment, color, etc.), use tools in the Text tab of the Inspector (Window > Inspector > Text).


How to perform common tasks such as rotation, alignment, etc. is described in Basic Operations on Objects.


Text Field Label

The text field label is a part of the text field object. Labels are used to display "Tel:", "Fax:" and so on, next to the corresponding information. To show or hide the label, select the text field and click the Show label check box in the Text tab of the Inspector. To edit the label text, double-click on it.

You can apply different formatting to the text field and its label.


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