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Working with Text Boxes

Text boxes are used to add regular text to the card designs. If you need to create multi-line text or text with sophisticated formatting, use text boxes. For personal information, use text fields because they can be automatically populated with information from your Address Book.

To add a text box, select Insert > Text Box.

To type or modify text, double-click on it. When text doesn't fit inside the text box, a red triangle is displayed on the bottom side of the frame. In this case, you should increase the text box size.

Text formatting tools are located in the Text tab of the Inspector (Window > Inspector > Text). How to perform common tasks such as rotation, alignment, etc. is described in Basic Operations on Objects.

To convert text to a vector image, right-click on the text and in its context menu and choose Convert text to Image in the context menu. When a text has been converted to an image, you can apply graphic effects that otherwise do not work with text (Core Image filters, flipping, etc.).

To check spelling, select Edit > Spelling in the menu and choose one of the possible options.


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