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Working with Barcodes

You can use a barcode to place information on your card in a form that can be recognized by an optical reader.

To insert a barcode, select Insert > Barcode in the menu and choose one of the barcode types.


To modify the encoded information or barcode type, double-click on the barcode in the document.


You can type and edit text in the Barcode Data edit box. Note that not all symbols are supported. If the selected barcode type supports multi-line text, press Opt-Return to type text in a new line.

To insert the contact information into the Barcode Data edit box, click the Insert Card Details As pop-up menu and select the format: plain text or vCard. The program inserts the data contained in text fields added in the card design. For example, to have a telephone number added, you should place the Phone text field in the document.

The "Show human-readable text" option is available for the Code 128 barcode.


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