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The Assistant

The Assistant helps you choose a document template (Step 1) and then select the appropriate paper layout (Step 2). The templates are grouped into categories by type, style, and profession.

Custom templates are located in a separate category, "MY TEMPLATES". To add your document to this category, open it in Business Card Composer and select File > Save as Template in the menu bar. To delete a custom template, or change the file name, select the "MY TEMPLATES" category and click on the arrow icon.
The Finder application will display a folder containing custom templates. Move the unnecessary template to the Trash.

When you launch the program, the Assistant comes up by default. In the program Preferences dialog you can choose whether the Assistant opens automatically or not. To open the Assistant manually once inside the program, choose File > New from Assistant (Shift-Cmd-N) in the menu bar.

You can also open a document using the Assistant. Click the Open drop-down list and either choose the name of a recent document, or click File... to browse your computer for a document.


To open a template in the program:

  1. Select a thumbnail in the Assistant.
  2. Click Next to open the paper layout list. To skip the paper selection, click Finish.
  3. Select paper from the paper layout list (see the detailed description in Paper Layout).
  4. Click Finish.


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