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Paper Layout

The Paper Layout dialog displays the list of papers (predefined, custom and recently used). To open this dialog, choose File > Change Layout in the menu, or click the Change Layout button in the Document tab of the Inspector.

The paper layout determines how several cards are arranged on the paper sheet (the card size, gaps between cards, and gaps along the paper edge). Most business card papers have eight or ten cards per sheet. The canvas in the main window displays only one card. When you start printing, the program uses the paper layout information to populate the standard paper format (Letter or A4) with the card design. It is important to select the correct paper type prior to printing.


To select a paper layout:

  1. In the Paper Layout dialog, choose the Predefined section containing standard papers (it is selected by default). Other sections contain custom papers and previously used papers (1 in the picture).

  2. Click on the paper name in the list (5) to select it. The names of paper layouts compatible with the selected one are displayed in the box (6).
    To find a paper, select "All" in the drop-down lists Manufacturer (2), Paper Size (3), and Category (4). Then type the paper name into the search box (7).
    To narrow down the displayed list by a specific manufacturer, paper size, or category, choose it in the corresponding drop-down lists (2, 3 or 4).

  3. Click OK when the necessary paper is selected.

When you are looking for compatible papers, use information in the list (6) and the preview (9).

To customize a standard paper, select it and click the Create Custom button (8). Further details can be found in the Custom Paper Layout section.


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