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Foreground and Background Layers

Objects in the business card design can be arranged in two layers: foreground and background. To activate a certain layer, use the Background and Foreground tabs at the bottom of the main window. To activate a layer using the menu, select View > Show Background or View > Show Foreground.

Objects located in the inactive layer cannot be selected or moved.

When the foreground is activated, you can see the background objects. When the background is activated, foreground objects are invisible. To see the foreground objects while editing the background layer, select View > Show Foreground Objects in the menu.


Placing Objects in Layers

Layers are useful when you want to place a text or a logo on top of a larger image. Place this image in the background. This will prevent you from occasional selecting or moving it while working with the text or the logo.

To move an object from one layer to another, right-click on it and select Move to Foreground or Move to Background in the context menu.


Creating the Card Background

To add a solid color background, add a rectangle using the Rectangle tool. Then open the Fill & Shadow tab of the Inspector and set the fill color. Here you can also choose a linear or radial gradient fill.

To place an image in the background, drag an image from the clipart or Finder into the background layer. You can also import images from your iPhoto, Photos or Aperture libraries in the side panel. Also, you can use the internal image generator. To open it, select Insert > Image > Generate Random.

Note that if you want an image to cover the whole card, place the image so that its edges go a little bit outside the design canvas. This prevents you from printing cards with white stripes along the card edges.


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