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Double-Sided Cards

Business Card Composer lets you design and print double-sided cards. The program saves the front and the back sides of the card to the same document.

You can switch between sides using the View > Show Back Side or View > Show Front Side menu items. The currently opened card side is indicated by a tag at the bottom of the main window. You can also use it to move from one side to another.

Two methods can be used to print double-sided cards depending on the paper you have: printing on both sides of the paper or using foldable paper.

Printing on both sides of the paper sheet

You need to use paper that allows for printing on both sides. If this is not indicated on the paper package, ask a store assistant for this information, or do a test print. Some perforated card papers can be used for this purpose.

The Print dialog allows you to choose which side to print: the front, back, or both. If you print a single-sided card, only one side will be enabled.

Printing double-sided cards requires you to insert every sheet into the printer twice (except for duplex printers).

The Duplex printing order check box in the Print dialog controls the order the pages are printed.

See Printing Double-Sided Cards for additional information.

Using foldable paper stock

Another option is to use foldable paper, from Conqueror, for example. The printing process is similar to printing single-sided cards.

The Conqueror paper has an adhesive layer on the back of the paper. You should design the face of the card on the left part of the card template, and the back of the card - on the right side (or vice versa). After printing, separate the cards from the page and fold them. The sides will stick to each other. In this respect, Conqueror paper is similar to folded card stock, but the result is a double-sided card, not a booklet-like card.
More about Conqueror paper can be found on its web site:


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