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Custom Paper Layout

Business Card Composer contains a library of standard business card paper layouts. If your paper isn't listed in the program, you can create a custom paper layout in the Custom Layout dialog.

To create a custom paper layout:

  1. Open the Document Layout dialog (File > Change Layout). Choose the Custom tab at the top. The new paper layout you are create will be listed here. Click the Create New… button.

  2. The Custom Layout dialog displays and lets you change the properties of the custom paper layout.

    Custom Layout Dialog

    Select the business card type. The program displays a layout template that corresponds to the selected type.

    Choose the measurement units.

    Type the layout name. It can contain the size, number of cards per sheet, or other information that may help you identify the paper layout in the future.

    In the Card Size section, input the width (W in the picture) and height (H).


    • The Layout section determines the page size and how the cards are arranged on the page.
    • The Paper Size drop-down list allows you to choose a standard or custom paper format.
    • Page Width and Page Height display the exact size of the paper selected in the Paper Size drop-down list above. Here you can customize the size if you have chosen Other in the Paper Size drop-down list.
    Columns and Rows specify how many cards are on the page.
    Top Margin (TM) is the distance between the top edge of the page and the top-left card.
    Left Margin (LM) is the distance between the left edge of the page and the top-left card.
    • Horizontal Spacing (HS) is the distance between columns of cards.
    Vertical Spacing (VS) is the distance between rows of cards.

    If you don't mimic any paper but create your own layout, let the program arrange cards automatically. Select the Arrange cards automatically check box. According to the given paper size, it places as many cards onto the page as possible.

  3. Click OK to save the layout. The new paper is available in the list labeled Custom (see the picture in the step 1).


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