Brief Description
Updating Printworks
Removing Printworks
Useful Web Resources
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Program Interface
Printworks Main Window
The Inspector
The Preferences Dialog
Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Documents
Document Types
Document Preview in the Main Window
Creating a New Document
Opening an Existing Document
Saving a Document
Using Templates

Page Layout
Managing Layers
Moving Objects
Aligning and Distributing Objects
Guide Lines and Margin Guides
The Grid
Choosing Paper
Custom Paper Layout

Working with Multipage Documents
Document Properties
Additional Page Layout Capabilities
Managing Pages in the Main Window
The Pages Panel
Adding and Removing Pages
Changing the Page Order
Navigating Through the Document
Numbering Pages
Master Pages
Page Spreads
Creating Booklets

Working with CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media
Document Properties
Managing CD/DVD/Blu-ray Elements in the Main Window

Working with Labels, Envelopes, Postcards and Business Cards
Document Properties

Dynamic Data Fields
Types of Dynamic Data Fields
Adding and Removing Data Fields
Changing the Data Field Properties

Working with Barcodes
Adding and Removing Barcodes
Barcode Properties
Barcode Types

Importing Contacts
Importing Data from a Text File
Importing from iTunes and Photos

Editing Documents
Selecting Objects
Changing the Object Size
Rotating Objects
Grouping Objects
Filling Objects with Colors
Applying the Stroke Settings
Applying the Shadow Effect
Working with Text
Linked Text Boxes
Text Styles
Aligning Text Using Tab Stops
Working with Images
Working with Smart Shapes
Editing Images
Using Image Generators
Working with Headings
Drawing Lines and Curves
Working with Tables
Working with Calendars
Inserting Current Date and Time Information

Solving Problems
Technical Support