ArtText3 Crashes then next time hangs & Crashes

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ArtText3 Crashes then next time hangs & Crashes

Postby pjonesCET » May 14th, 2016, 12:36 pm

Just went from Art 2 and upgraded to Art 3.

First time I Tried one of the temples and attempted change Font Color Could not find out how to change color So I went to quit. Program Crashed. . Brought up Crash Message. Clicked oKay to send report Tried again this time This time program hung for about a minute or more had to do a a Force quit and it crashed again. Tried twice more,two more crashes. Sent note to support discovered they make no effort to accept Crash reports (send attachments Now I have delete Art 2 application and have no Art 2 or 3.
MacBook Pro 17"
2.8 GHZ i7 Intel Processor
8GB System RAM
50GB Hard Drive with about 200GB free.
EL Capitan OS X.11.4 system

I am attaching Crash reports as a Zip archive hoping someone from support reads these post. I just Tried attach files and said too Large so I am sending a google drive Link to a .zip file containing the crash logs. ... TRtQ1RkYzA
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Re: ArtText3 Crashes then next time hangs & Crashes

Postby Nick » May 16th, 2016, 10:51 am


Thank you for your report. I'll pass it to the developers.

If the program crashed again, please don't click the Send button in the Crash Reporter window. Copy all text (Cmd-A) and paste it to an email in order to send the log to us. The Send button send logs to Apple, and consequently, we cannot read them.

Regarding the font color:
Art Text manipulates text more as a graphic object. So, to to change the color of 2D text, you should use the Fill tools in the Inspector. To modify 3D text, apply a different material to it.


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