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Postby Nick » September 27th, 2012, 5:08 am

Hi ankara23,

What version of Mac OS is installed on your computer?

If you have a spare drive (don't use the same), make a backup copy of Concealer.bundle. Then do this:

1. Open Concealer and select the All category below the toolbar to make sure that the problem hasn't gone. Then save the console log. It can contain error messages that related to the bug.

To save the console log, open the Console application from the Applications/Utilities folder. Choose "All Messages" in the left panel. Then choose File > Save a Copy As in the menu of Console to save the log.

2. Close Concealer. In Finder, right-click on Concealer.bundle and choose Show Package Contents. In the Accounts folder, there must be one or several files with numeric name ending with .sparsebundle. Double-click on such file. You will be asked for your password. This can be your master password or an individual password for this file storage. If everything is OK, a new drive should appear in Finder giving you access to files inside.

This way, you can open your file storages. Cards such as Notes or Accounts can be previewed only using Concealer.

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Postby markd » August 17th, 2013, 7:56 am

Exact same problem here. I was really happy and using Concealer almost daily since I picked it up on macupdate back in March when there was a deal on it. As above, one day a few weeks back my file just stopped working. I had a month old backup, which is also not working. My account opens with the same password as always, but is empty -- all my notes and cards are just gone. Totally random. I did nothing different to usual -- I hadn't updated or anything. I've just taken another look now to see if I could salvage the 'concealer.bundle' file. Have tried the above. My backup does the same and is also just empty. I had no file storage, only cards- notes and accounts. All lost. I had the emails with details for my various stored software registrations, and my 'notes' with a number of details, I'd kept a hand-written backup, so thankfully I haven't lost any info, just a lot of time moving everything over to 1password. I decided to finally jump on it after losing my info and seeing everyone's comments above. I'm not looking for support, just thought I should post my problem here in case anyone else has it too.

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