Prefab or room templates

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Prefab or room templates

Postby jlazzis » August 25th, 2017, 2:20 pm

Hi There

Is it possible to save a template to make prefab parts?
For example, I would like to make a hexagonal frame (floor+walls+ceiling) that can be used to build a house. How can I save it so that I can just drag it to the plan to attach a few of them together?
The same idea would be for container houses. Where could I save a container size frame that I can use as a unit?
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Re: Prefab or room templates

Postby DimA » August 29th, 2017, 5:52 am


You may put any objects including floor and walls into the library.
To add an object from your project to the library:

Open a category in the library where you would like the object to be stored. It is recommended that you add new objects to a custom category.
Select all objects you would like to put together.
Right-click on the selection and choose Copy in the context menu.
Right-click on the library and choose Paste.
The Item Info dialog will appear. Type the object name into the Title box.
The Description and Keywords fields can be left blank. If you plan to add a great number of objects to the library, enter some information into these boxes. This will simplify finding the required object later. Keywords should be separated by spaces.
If necessary, change the 2D thumbnail.
Click OK.
An alternative way to add selected objects to the Library is to use the 'Add to Library' command from the object's context menu. By default, the object will be added to the opened category. If the Library displays something other than the object library (e.g. Project Tree), the object will be added to the Favorites category.

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