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Printworks 2 is here

Posted: September 20th, 2017, 5:49 am
by Andrew
Meet the new Printworks, version 2 builds up muscles in the page layout field, improves design and performance, brings new templates, as well as artistic heading presets, and many more.

Download Free Trial:

Upgrading to Printworks 2 for just $19.99:

What’s New in v.2:
● Spread Mode
● Customizable Grid
● Precise Guide Positioning
● Form Creation
● Evolved Text Box Linking
● Artistic Headings
● Depositphotos Integration
● Layout Changes
● Google Maps Integration
● Pica and Pixel Units
● Reworked Resize Mode
● Support for Touch Bar
● Ready for macOS High Sierra

For more details about new features, read: