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Posted: March 21st, 2012, 8:38 am
by Jean-Jacques Boutaud
Hi all
Just glancing at the content of FontKit and discover this special kind of font: Cartella Cincelada.
This font is made of two parts that can be used together using two text boxes (SP, DC…) or two layers (Art Text).
In this example, I used Art Text, creating two layers with at bottom Cartella Cincelada and at top Cartella Cincelada Fill:

Cartella Cincelada:
(note that "white" area is blank (transparent))

Cartella Cincelada Fill:
(one more time, "white" area is blank)

Placing Cartella Cincelada Fill on top of Cartella Cincelada, you'll get a special effect of relief:

An alternate "take":