Upgrading from Get Backup 2.4.3 RE

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Upgrading from Get Backup 2.4.3 RE

Postby rasmakkonen » September 12th, 2017, 11:01 am

A few questions regarding upgrading from Get Backup v2.4.3 RE (bundled w/ Toast) to the current version.

(1) How does one import the projects from the old version? Or is it better (if tedious) to recreate them?

(2) When running Sync > Analysis, how does one obtain the results as a text file or a list of files to be copied or deleted?

(3) Is there a list of items to delete in order to remove Get Backup v2.4.3 RE completely?

(4) The new version puts up a menu icon, even when Scheduler is inactive. There's a preference to prevent it; but that's merely cosmetic. However, the presence of the icon suggests that Get Backup has a background process running even when Scheduler is inactive. How does one stop that? I really don't want any background processes running unless I actually need them.

(5) Rsync generates various errors when dealing with extended attributes which make no sense on other file systems (eg, "com.apple.quarantine" when copying a file to a remote NTFS share). How can I stop them?


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