slab, custom ceiling and floors

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slab, custom ceiling and floors

Postby nabokodonosor » January 23rd, 2016, 9:40 am

Hello and thank you so much for a wonderful software and this very helpful forum. I'm a new member and user of LI3D and I've been having very little sleep lately as a result of it, he he.
I would like to ask a few questions please

1)is it possible to get the slab to overhang the house?

2) I tried doing floor within floor to have one texture inserted in the middle of another texture but it seems like only one shape ( floor ) can have texture added when they are overlapping.

3)similarly , I have tried to play around with the ceiling to create custom plaster ceilings with different levels but it seems like i can only toggle the elevation of one ceiling if there's more than one overlapping.

4) finally please could you show me how to embed LED strips inside plaster ceiling or anywhere else for that matter.

Thank you in advance for considering my message and questions and for all the help.
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Re: slab, custom ceiling and floors

Postby Nick » January 28th, 2016, 4:39 am


1. Yes. Draw a custom floor of the storey where you want to extend the slab, or draw a custom ceiling on the floor below.

2. This should work. As a test, I've drawn a room, applies a material with texture. Then added a custom floor and applied another texture to it. Can you post a screenshot or give me steps to repeat?

3. Several custom ceilings or floor can overlap, but they should have different elevation. As with (2), a picture could be helpful.

4. You should add an object to your project which will be a LED strip. It can be a shape from the Building Elements > Shapes library. Then right-click on this object and choose Edit Light Sources. In the Light Source Editor, you can add several light sources. Don't try to simulate each individual LED in the strip because this can reduce the program performance.


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