Questions About Slabs

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Questions About Slabs

Postby ibscas » August 25th, 2015, 10:35 am

I've been using this program off and on for years, while it has some limitations I really love the product!

I'm confused about how to use slabs. I spent a while putting together my floor plan and everything is measured properly and looks great, the problem is that when I started really trying to dial things in everything started to fall apart. Where I went wrong is that I did everything at ground elevation and when it came time to integrate the outside of the house the elevation of the house was wrong. I could live with a totally flat floor plan but I would prefer to be able to have proper elevation for my garage and yard so I can start to do my landscaping.

I'm not sure how to best describe my situation but I'll try. My garage is about 17" below the floor of the house (two steps down to the garage). My basement has normal 8' walls below the main house and there is no 2nd story (ranch house). I can "sink" my garage floor by adding a floor and lowering the elevation but then the drawing shows that you have to "step up" to get out of the garage.

So, based on this, I'm assuming that the garage floor is the slab. Is that correct? Should I have started with the garage and then designed the house to be 17" above that? I started a new drawing to play with that concept and when I simply change the floor height of every room in the house to be 17" over the garage "ground level" elevation then I lose all my base board trim (which takes away from the realism of it being my house) and I find myself constantly having to change the elevation of every element to be 17" higher - like doors and openings, etc.

My question is how should I approach designing a house like this? There are four building parameters and I'm not sure how to tweak them to be correct: Elevation, Foundation, Slab Thickness and Storey Height. I suppose what I would expect to see when I am viewing in 3D is that the house is "hovering" 17" above the grass with the garage on top of the grass (this is an exaggeration since I assume once you code in the foundation properly I would see a brick house sitting on a 17" tall concrete foundation). I realize this is not a CAD program, but I would like to try to represent my house as accurately as possible.

My ancillary question would be that if you are able to tell me how it needs to be laid out in order to be "correct" then is there any way to salvage my 4 days of work on the original 0" elevation floor plan I already developed or do I need to start from scratch again?

I have always used very detailed floor plans (Visio on Windows then ConceptDraw Pro when I switched to Mac, now this), this isn't just an "art project" for me, it really helps me to figure out what changes I might want to make and see their impact. Realism is important for me in this regard.
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Re: Questions About Slabs

Postby pblack02 » October 6th, 2015, 12:02 pm

Do you figure this out? I'd really like to know the answer to your questions. I think that you cannot even draw up a separate building and "join" them to be able to use separate parameters.
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Re: Questions About Slabs

Postby Ajax » October 6th, 2015, 2:50 pm

Treat slab as a plate between stories; nothing more.

As per Elevation, Foundation, Slab Thickness and Storey Height. each of them are shown on the picture in the Inspector window exactly to show what each particular parameter is.

Given this:
Elevation — how much floor (top of ground story's slab) is raised over the land level.
Foundation — thickness of a slab between ground story and any below.
Slab Thickness — thickness of any other slab.
and Storey Height is quite obvious.

So basically I'd recommend you to set store height 8' + 17", then raise floor in the main building to 17" and voila — you've ur steps from the house to garage. Yet from outside they both are of the same height.
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