Importing vector data makes unexpected results...

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Importing vector data makes unexpected results...

Postby MichaelDomino » October 21st, 2017, 12:44 pm


I have just installed Art Text 3, and I love it! - It is very easy to get first class results.

I have an issue, when I try to import vector graphics though.

I have made the attached logo as a compound shape from Illustrator CC2018, and saved it as a pdf-file in a custom folder and navigated to this in the shapes panel - and everything works fine until I convert it to 3D.

As you can see some unexpected results shows up - fx in one f the letter "O"s which is almost solid (although it is a proper Compound shape from the beginning) and the star, which seems to miss some of the edge.

Sometimes the app even crashes.

Does anybody know what goes wrong, and if there is another may to achieve this?

Thank you in advance
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