Art Text 3 Quirks & Feature Requests

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Art Text 3 Quirks & Feature Requests

Postby Logano22 » September 21st, 2017, 8:22 pm

In 2007, I purchased ArtText (the original) for a Mac and knew right from the start that this application was pretty awesome. It was versatile and powerful yet still easy-to-use. Simply put - it was great! Over the past 10 years, I've used it to quickly create logos, textures, invitations, banners, graphics for apparel, websites, social media and countless other uses. So far there are 4,576 ArtText files on my computer - and counting! As time went by, I upgraded to ArtText 2 and when I heard about the improvements and new, powerful features of ArtText 3, I just knew it would be worth the money to upgrade. So I did. And at first I was dazzled by the application's new layout, 3D text feature, and other improvements! But the longer I worked in the program, I found some of the invaluable features of ArtText 2 missing and several quirky little bugs that make graphic design more difficult now than in previous versions.

Please bring these features of previous ArtText versions to ArtText 3:
  • The option to turn the display handles on an object ON/OFF. At times it is so much easier to work without those annoying handle squares blocking the view.
  • The ability to 'tab' between the Width and Height fields when setting the document size. It may sound trivial, but it was very helpful.
  • Keep duplicated layers at the same 'x' and 'y' as the original layer. Previously when duplicating a layer, the new copy would be located at the EXACT location of the original layer which made sense! If I want to duplicate a layer, I expect the shape, its style AND its location to be identical, not offset.
  • After the Union of multiple layers, the ability to 'break it apart' back into the original layers. This is such an extremely valuable feature in ArtText 2 and my number one request!

Suggestions for improvements:
  • Add a numeric angle field to the Fill > Gradient tab (like on the Geometry and Effect > Shadow tabs) so that a precise degree of angle for the gradient can be set.
  • When the Inspector panel is "floating" or undocked you're only able to view one tool at a time (Text, Fill, Stroke, Effects, Mask, Geometry) and have to constantly use keystrokes to switch between tools. It would be nice to have each tool in its own window.
  • Add the ability to "float" or undock selections from the Content Panel (Templates, Images, Shapes, Layers) and have each in their own window.
  • Be able to easily change a Text layer into a Shape layer (e.g. triangle) and also a Shape layer into a Text layer without adding and deleting layers.

Quirky little bug to fix:
  • Transform a shape with Spline-Curve transformation then deselect the shape. Select the shape again then click Spline-Curve to make the transformation handles appear. When you grab a handle to make a transformation change, the shape reverts back to its default shape without transformation! The only way to get around this is to 'Edit > Undo' which reapplies the transformation to the shape but also allows you to grab the transform handles and tweak the shape's appearance.

To the developers of ArtText - keep up the great work! I love this application and look forward to future developments, features and updates!
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Re: Art Text 3 Quirks & Feature Requests

Postby jamesfrank » October 24th, 2017, 5:37 am

Yeah indeed it's a great application, i am a new user and all the information you have posted will surely help me out. Thanks
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Re: Art Text 3 Quirks & Feature Requests

Postby flysurf » December 6th, 2017, 2:56 pm

I wish they actually listened to feedback in order to grow their user base, but they haven't update Art Text for almost a year...a shame as this is one of my favorite softwares.

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