Art Text, Transparency and FileMaker 11 IWP

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Postby thunderbucket » November 21st, 2011, 2:46 pm

Hi there!

I am using ArtText to create graphics to use in a FileMaker file I plan to share using Instant Web Publishing. The FileMaker IWP guide suggests using GIF to retain transparency; and certainly, when opened in FileMaker, images exported from ArtText as GIF and imported into FM as 'Picture' look good.

But when I open the file in Safari... OMG, horrid! Big black smudges where the shadow in the original was so light and airy!

Is there something I am doing wrong in terms of exporting, or some other aspect of ArtText that can be manipulated?

Can anybody offer me any advice, please?

John B
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Postby Nick » November 22nd, 2011, 3:57 am

Hi John,

1. PNG format also can contain transparent parts.

2. It's better not to use images with transparency for web pages. Browsers display such graphics in different manner. Also you can see the jugged edge while it looks smooth with the opaque background. This happens because of limitations of GIF. PNG would look better.

3. Can you explain with more detail what's wrong with your image (or post it here)?
What did you preview in Safari, the image exported from Art Text, or a design created in FileMaker? If the second, it's something to do with FileMaker export settings (if there are any) or with the design.

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Postby thunderbucket » November 25th, 2011, 5:29 am

Hello Nick!

Thank you for your reply. I now suspect that this has to do with how FileMaker renders an image in Instant Web Publishing rather than how your wonderful ArtText exports an image...

If I open a png image exported from ArtText in Preview, or in Safari, Firefox or Chrome, it looks exactly as expected. But when I open the Instant Web Published file served by FileMaker in any of those browsers, it looks like its been punched in the eye - black and nasty all around.

I think I need to refer this to FileMaker International rather than you.

Which probably means my only option is to use un-shadowed images for this project. Glum!

Sorry to have wasted your time...

Kind regards

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