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Postby rmmor10 » March 3rd, 2014, 10:34 am

I want to print different files labels on a single Avery sheet. Each label is unique. I followed the response to a previous Labels & Addresses forum post. Created an Excel Spreadsheet and tried to import it but it gave me "No Name" error on each row in the spreadsheet. If I use a 10 label Avery sheet, I would like to see the 10 labels to look something like this:

Checking 2014 Savings 2014

Taxes 2014 Scotland Trip

Ireland Trip Investments

Time Sheets Invoices

Utilities Mortgage 2014

How do I format the Excel Spreadsheet prior to importing?

How to I configure Addresses & Labels not to expect to see an address?

Can I adjust the font characteristics?, Font size, Font type, bold etc?

Do I set the desired font properties in the Excel file before importing or can I make these adjustments after importing into Addresses & Labels?

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Postby Nick » March 3rd, 2014, 11:34 am

Hi rmmor10,

When you import from Excel, Labels & Addresses lets you link each spreadsheet column with an internal data field. It is useful to choose either First Name or Last Name because their content is displayed in the left panel. If both are empty, "No Name" is shown.

You should add the respective data field (First Name or Last Name) to place the information on the label. If your spreadsheet has several columns, you should have linked them to several internal data fields, and place all of them on the label.

Once the information is imported, select some or all of the records in the left panel and open the Print dialog. The program will recognize that you are going to print multiple "contacts" and activate the merge printing mode. In this mode, each contact (imported text in your case) goes to an individual label.

We have a video tutorial on merge printing on this page:


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