Address Panel: Adding Indents and Blank Lines

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Postby ms3056 » December 15th, 2012, 2:55 am


I am just starting out with your product. I am trying to set it up for a number of Japanese address I have.

I would like to do the following:

1. Add an INDENT to the Lastname Firstname Suffix line I have added
2. Add a BLANK LINE between the STREET ADDRESS and the Lastname Firstname Suffix lines

I have tried using individual fields but that means I need to manually align EVERY single label because many of the names are different character lengths, so often there are large gaps or overlapping text on 100s of addresses.

The Address Template Panel seems to address this by bounding the address data into a expanding and contracting square, but it doesn't allow me to insert blank lines or indentations. I tried inserting the "SIMPLE TEXT" button into my custom template but it doesn't seem to do anything - nor can I find a place to enter a "SPACE" or some other character into the SIMPLE TEXT.

I am going for the following layout:

[blank line]
[indent]Last Name First Name Suffix

I would also like the Last Name First Name Suffix lines to be a slightly larger font.

Thanks for the help - so far an excellent product - I live in Japan and I was surprised to find a product in English that had the A-ONE templates in it!
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Postby Nick » December 15th, 2012, 11:58 am

Hi ms3056,

I've managed to do what you need this way. To the places where the blank lone and indent are located in your layout, I've added a Custom text filed (let it be "Custom 1"). Then I typed in several spaces. And finally selected all and after right-clicking selected "Combine Address Panel" in the context menu. By adding or deleting spaces, you can change the width of the indent. By increasing or decreasing the font size, you can change the distance between the name and address.

I've got a question about your layout. Is it common in Japan to begin addresses with the ZIP code and place the name to the end? We have address templates for different countries. You can select an address panel (not customized) on the canvas and choose the format in the Format > Country menu. When I do this, the field order differs from yours.


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