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Please move Toolbar to the Right side(DISREGARD please)

Posted: June 3rd, 2017, 4:11 am
by ironbutterfly
Please disregard my question. The same toolbar exists on SP3 and SP4, but only in SP5 I paid attention because of BLUE buttons.
For some reason I thought these button are for the first time there. Amazing how different color changes the whole perspective... :oops:

(I have now found out another problem, which is the Toolbar.
Yes, it can be turned off, BUT then the two most usable tools, "Preview Mode" and 'Zoom' buttons are not visible.
Can these two buttons be moved to Inspector ?
OR better, could you please move the whole Toolbar to the RIGHT side, to make it vertical ?
On the right side there is plenty of space, much more than on top.