Adding Page Numbers to Booklet

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Adding Page Numbers to Booklet

Postby Dr.inair » December 7th, 2014, 11:44 am

Hi there,

I have a booklet setup with A4 paper (horizontal) and A5 pages. I am having difficulty adding page numbers to centre bottom of each 'page' so that I have 1 (right page) then 2(L) & 3(R) then 4(L) & 5(R) etc appear.

Can you run me through this?

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Re: Adding Page Numbers to Booklet

Postby Nick » December 7th, 2014, 12:53 pm


The program cannot recognize that each half page is going to be an individual page.

Swift Publisher has a different way to create booklets. You need to A5 format for your document and design pages individually. Later, when you print or export to PDF, activate the "Format as booklet" option.


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