Saved file on work computer, not opening on home computer

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Postby eddiejames » September 6th, 2013, 8:57 pm

So I left work today while working on a catalog for our school, saved the .spub file on my desk computer, and emailed that .spub file to myself.

Got 3 hours away and downloaded the .spub file from my email, and clicked to open it on my home computer, when I get this message.

"The document “LEAD.spub” could not be opened."

What is going on? Why won't it open, and how do I get this to work. I'm behind on a very important deadline, and anyones help can be appreciated.
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Postby Nick » September 7th, 2013, 1:04 am


There can be several reasons for the problem:
1. There is something wrong with the program. Try to open one of templates using File > New from Template Gallery. If a template opens, the program is OK.

2. The permissions to open and edit your emailed document are incorrect. In Finder, right-click on the file and select Get Info. Scroll down all the way. Ina a grid, there must be a line corresponding to your account with "Me" in the Name column. The privilege should be set to Read & Write.

3. The problem may happen if the version of Swift Publisher on the home computer is much older than at work. I mean version 2 vs. version 3 (or 1 vs. 2). Here, updating the program can help.

4. The document is damaged. This can happen if the mailer treats the document bundle not as a solid object but as a folder. Right- click on your document in Finder and choose Show Pachage Contents. Inside there must be a doc.thread file, and some graphic files if you added images to your document. Without doc.thtread, the document cannot be open at all.

Also, the document could be larger than maximum size of an attachment resulting the same way as described above.

The only way to fix the broken document issue is to take another copy of your document from the first computer. This time, compress the document before attaching to an email: right-click on the file in Finder and choose Compress command. Or use some online server for file sharing, or some portable storage as USB stick.

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Postby axys » September 7th, 2013, 6:42 am

I'd suggest using something like Dropbox and avoid emailing, as Nick says. I use Dropbox all the time, even to move files between two Macs in adjoining rooms, it just works, unlike MobileMe, which never did. You always have a local up to date copy on your Mac, so you don't have to think about moving stuff around.
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