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We are using Swift Publisher to create a custom logo that includes text and a graphic.

1. What is the optimal Page Size that we should use to create our logo. We will be exporting the logo to different sizes and formats.

2. What is the best way to set the size of the exported image? Can we re-size the logo inside Swift Publisher, or should we export the full-size, 300 DPI logo and then re-size it using a different application?

3. If you recommend that we use another application to re-size the exported logo, what application do you recommend for that? We own GraphicsConverter.

Thanks for your help.

jpg for our web site banner.
tiff for our brochures and print ads.
eps for large banners that we have printed.
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Postby Nick » July 5th, 2013, 3:04 am


1. To estimate the page size, you need to know the best needed image size and resolution. To create a 1000x1000 px TIFF at 300 dpi, each side of the page should be about 3.3 in (1000/300).

If you plan to import raster images to use in the logo, make sure that they have sufficient resolution in relation to the selected page size. Place such image on the page, right-click on it and choose Original Size. Now you can see it at 72 dpi. To print it at 300 dpi the image must be made approximately 4 times smaller. If it is too small, increase the image (more pixels per side) before importing it to Swift Publisher. Some images don't need changes in this situation: vector images (they don't have pixellated structure) and solid color images since they don't have any details to lose.

2. You can export your logo once at higher needed size and then resize this image in another software. Or, you can control the output image size inderectly by changing the resolution in the export settings.

3. I think that GraphicConverter will cope very well. The image resizing tool can also be found in the that is present in Mac OS by default.

Don't forget that you can use Art Text as an additional tool inside Swift Publisher. You need to download and install Art Text to show its button in Swift Publisher toolbar. Art Text itself is a good tool for creation logos. On this page you can read about it and find the download link:
Art Text can be used as:
- Full version inside Swift Publisher. You don't need to purchase a license.
- Full standalone program. You need to purchase a license.
- Free version in App Store Art Text Lite. It has some limitations.


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