exporting art/graphics to sp?

Any other suggestions you may have
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Postby Voluted Tales » February 27th, 2010, 11:59 pm

Hi all!

My first time here, just bought the package a couple of days ago and running into problems.

I'm not an IT wiz, so some of this might sound a bit lame, forgive me and bear with me :)

I can not get the images from art text and image tricks into the swift publisher system in any sensible way.

When using the file icon on sp to open files on my computer, the images and text that I've just made are greyed out and cant be loaded, not recognised by sp, despite being made by the testart and image tricks only moments before and being in the correct format (jpeg).

I've found that I can get images into iphoto and access them on sp that way, but I have to completely shut down sp first and restart it from scratch in order for sp to update its iphoto display for the new image(s) I've just added to iphoto. While this is do-able, it's bloody awkward and I'm sure there must be a better, more sensible, way of doing it.

I can also open an image in preview and drag and drop the little icon at the top bar of the display, beside the image title, to get it into the canvas on sp.

The import of a file directly on sp, however, just wont open the images, greyed out. The docs talk about an export button, and I think that on my art text panel it's displaying as a linkback button, as I think I saw that change to 'export' once, but I've no idea how I did it, just randomly doing stuff trying to get it to work, and I haven't been able to replicate it after multiple attempts or find anything in the docs to explain.

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong anyone?
I'm a novice at working with mages, so all tips and help gratefully accepted :)

I'm also still getting the trial watermark on the art text images, despite it being absent everywhere else, and the registration on purchase was done according to the instructions. Any tips on how to fix that one please?

Thanks in advance, Mark.
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Postby Nick » February 28th, 2010, 3:24 am

Hi Mark,

Swift Publisher cannot open images directly. Its File > Open menu opens only native Swift Publisher documents. To add an image to this program, open its document and drag an image from Finger onto a page. Or select in the menu: Insert > Image > From File.

Unregistered Art Text puts a watermark over images. With registered Swift Publisher, you can use Art Text in the plug-in mode: images pasted in Swift Publisher don't have a watermark. To use Art Text this way, click the Art Text button in Swift Publisher's toolbar. A bit more detailed explanation is here:

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Postby Voluted Tales » February 28th, 2010, 3:25 am

Quick and embarrassed adendum, our 12yo heard me cursing and showed me how to use the art text. So simple that I gave myself a thick ear, just to save everyone else the trouble :)

Seems that when it opened and I saw the text appear on the sp canvas I was deleting that, without realising that it was the link back to get the text into it, I thought it was a bit of junk in the way. So, that's cleared up for me. Might be an idea to include a little explanation about it in the docs for complete idiot novices like myself who've never seen this type of software before, it's an easy misake to make when you know nothing about it. Thank god they teach the kids about it in school, coz they didn't in my day.

The watermark is obviously so that saved art text docs can't be used outside the system, but it is going to be difficult, in the sense of saving things for repeated use, as they can't be used inside the system either! I guess it means that I'll have to buy the registration code or a new version of art text to get around that, just to be able to save often used items? Which would be best to do?

The other problem, sadly, still remains, but I'm hoping the solution will be just as simple and obvious, once they're pointed out to me that is, heheh.

This being the greyed-out jpegs that sp wont accept from the computer files, making it impossible for me to load any images except thru iphoto. This includes all jpegs and pdf's and giff's, from any source.

Thanks all, Mark (class idiot:)).
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Postby Voluted Tales » February 28th, 2010, 3:42 am

Hi Nick,
Missed you by just one minute :)

Thanks for that, already figured out the art text.

Re the images, thanks for that too, I get it now. Yeah, so obvious I should be horsewhipped :)

'Fraid that when I see a bit of software I guess I expect it to do the lot, built in, and get caffuffled when it doesn't. Just gotta learn the quirks.
On a positive note, I find everything else about the software quite brilliant and fairly simple, and now that I'm over that little learning hump I'm very pleased with it.


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