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Postby mschneblin » June 20th, 2007, 8:00 am

Hi, guys,

I know you are busy trying to put out other "fires." I use Printfolio as an entry into the other applications in my dock. It would save a step if its "Open" function or "Open Recent" function were related to their respective folders. Right now, "Open" is grayed so you can't go directly to documents on your hard drive and "Open Recent" is alive, but when you click on it, the content is grayed out (it only shows "Clear Menu" anyway). A non-intuitive step for the Printfolio window is to "Choose Design" in the category you are interested in and then get to an activated "Open" or "Open Recent" links from the pulldown ribbon. I would suggest making active those two links in Printfolio AND have a pulldown link in the window that you "Choose Design" with, like you have when you have chosen a design and have gone onto the next step. The window, in let's say, "Swift Publisher," will now have a pulldown ribbon in the opening window that allows you to go to a recently created document. I hope this is clear. Pictures would be worth a thousand words, but that's the limitation we have in a forum context! : )
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Postby Nick » June 21st, 2007, 4:09 am

Hi mschneblin,
Thank you for suggestion. We will work on your idea.

Why Prinfolio has Open and Open Recent menu items grayed out?
Printfolio does not have own documents. It is a shell for other applications that specialize in specific tasks. When you choose what kind of document you want create, the corresponding program opens. Such a program have the Open menu enabled and Open Recent lists document you worked on.

Forum and images.
The forum itself does not allow insert images, but you can insert a link to an image.


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