Separate 2D & 3D windows

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Separate 2D & 3D windows

Postby GaryLGSimpson » October 23rd, 2015, 3:48 pm

I am new to this forum, so this might be an old suggestion.... First off let me say, I love the program and make use of it frequently in my work and in my home planning.

My suggestion - Separate windows for 2d and 3d.

To take it a step further - allow for multiple cameras to feed multiple windows. Most designers, myself included, make use of multiple monitors, two or more . Obviously, you can span multiple monitors with the dual view (altho Apple doesn't allow this with dual menu/dock mode).

If you decide to implement this, it would also be nice to have "window configuration" presets so that the program could store the arrangement of the windows.

Thank you again for your wonderful software and I wish you grand success.

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