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Any other suggestions you may have
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Postby mwb1969 » June 9th, 2013, 9:13 pm

Can anyone help me with a simple "how to" for putting word labels onto a photo

I use Mac - Ultimately I want the image to be put into Pages, but as long as anything puts what I want on a screen, I can screen grab it, so I don't care.

So, lets say I have a photo of a house on a street. The street is sloping, so I want to tilt the street name.

Let's assume I have no trouble working out how to create a tilting word the way I want.

I then have the photo in Pages, and I cut and paste the label into the Pages doc. But, despite all the combinations of floating and non-floating and wrap and non-wraps I try, I can get the words to float over the photo. Because, if I make the word (from Art Text) a floating image, as soon as I try to select it in Pages, POOF!, it disappears. Nothing gets it back.

Without having to learn the fundamentals of any program, is there some simply way of doing what I want to do that will work, so that I can just screen grab it, put it into a Pages doc, and get on with enjoying life?
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Postby Nick » June 10th, 2013, 1:57 am

Hi mwb1969,

Maybe it has something to do with the way you add the photo and image from Art Text. On my computer, I dragged and dropped two images from Finder. They were present on the page all the time I dragged one over another.

Perhaps, the image with text gets behind the photo. To swap them, right-click on the photo and choose Send to Back in the popup menu.

Since you are using Art Text for your project, you can put the label onto the photo right in Art Text. I would do this as follows:
1. Create a new document, or choose the one where you have created your label. Create a backup copy of the label file (right-click on it in Finder and select Duplicate).

2. Open your photo in the Press Cmd-I (or choose Tools > Show Inspector). In the Info pane, find out the image size in pixels. You can use any other graphic software for this purpose as well as Finder.

3. In Art Text, click the Set Size button and input the dimensions of the photo. Make sure that Pixels is selected for the measurement units.

4. Drag and drop the photo from Finder onto the Art Text canvas. This creates a new layer. In the menu, choose Format > Resize to document. Now the photo takes the whole space of your document.

5. If the label is in another document, open it in Art Text, copy and paste to the document with the photo.
If you added the photo to the document containing the logo, place the logo over the photo. To do this, drag the icon of the label to the rightmost position in the Layer Bar which is located below the canvas.

Then position and tilt the logo as needed.


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