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Posted: November 14th, 2012, 3:27 pm
by bengedlow
Love my Art Text. Finding a lot of use for it. Just wondering ... Whenever I've built a website I've been using simple fonts like Arial for my titles. Or graphics that take longer to load.

Art Text looks like it creates vector graphics.

If I used Art Text to create my headings / titles on my websites ... would they load efficiently, and look the same on all browsers?

This would be a godsend.

All ears,


Posted: November 15th, 2012, 4:30 am
by Nick
Hi Ben,

Titles created in a web page as text load much faster than those that are made as images. There is a number of fonts (font families) that are present by default on all computers. In terms of load efficiency, it's better to keep text typed with these fonts as text. When you are using a rare font with no guarantee that it is installed on the user's computer, you can create an image to make the text look exactly the same way on all computers. This method is commonly used for titles or menus, but not for the main (body) text.

The smaller size a graphic file has, the faster it loads. Creating images for web in Art Text, you need to balance between the file size and quality. On the web, usually JPEG, PNG and GIF formats are used. JPEG usually gives smaller files (at higher compression) than PNG. With too high compression, text in JPEGs becomes blurry. GIF format isn't good for gradients or images with wide range of colors. You need to experiment to see which format is better for your title.

Also don't leave wide blank (one-color) borders around the title. In Art Text, click the Set Size button and in the dialog that opens click on Set Size. The image dimension will be made as small as possible. The rest of the one-color background can be created in the web page itself.