Tip: Creating a multi-colour gradient bar

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Postby Nick » July 19th, 2006, 4:41 am

Tip: Creating a multi-colour gradient bar

Open the Plasma, Sand-Glass, Spiral or other generator that makes images with color spots. Play with settings if you like.
(The shown image is made by Image Tricks PRO)

When a perfect (or almost perfect) image is found, click the Edit button.
Open the Crop tool. Select long narrow stripe by the tool and click Apply.
To make colour transitions smooth, use the Gaussian Blur effect (Radius 12).

Use gradient bars to make business card or text document frames. For this, rotate/flip bars and attach one to another, so that colours on ends match.

Here are some more bar samples.
Made by the Bricks generator + Crop Tool:

Made by the Sand-Glass generator + Crop Tool + Gaussian Blur:

You can use such bars as separators for for your documents and web sites.

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