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Postby stq » September 5th, 2006, 8:57 am

While memories of last Image Tricks update are fresh, we've put out even newer version for you. Starting now, you can enjoy latest Image Tricks 2.3. Not only it brings more image filters, the program got faster and more convenient to work with. Also, new version lets you Register online or write a Feedback directly from the program (menu Help->Online Registration and Help->Send Feedback).

What's New in Image Tricks 2.3:

Image Filters
- 4 new image filters were added (Shaded Materials (PRO), Net Distortion (PRO), Rectangular Splash (PRO), Noise Reduction).
- Option to see the image without filter effect is available (menu Filters->Hide/Show Filter Effect).
- Additional parameter becomes available for Lumine filter.
- Flip image Vertically/Horizontally options were added (Edit menu).

- To simplify program operation, Keyboard shortcuts were assigned to various menu options.
- Filter list was added into menu.
- Preferences dialog:
- Now you can choose direction to rotate the image.
- Safe Editing mode was added to protect from rewriting an image by accident.
- OpenGL Rendering Acceleration switched on by default.

- Apply Filter option was added into Plug-in.
- Image generator Star Dust has improved.
- Application launch becomes faster.
- Problem with LinkBack integration is solved (
- Other bug fixes.

To freely update to Image Tricks 2.3 and read all changes in detail, please click:

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