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Posted: July 16th, 2012, 3:17 am
by Jean-Jacques Boutaud
Hi all
I've uploaded a new version (v1.0.7) of BC Image Unit.
BC Image Unit is a free plugin wrapping 37 custom Core Image filters compatible with Image Tricks and some other graphic applications.
There're now 37 filters.
Four new ones: two new blend modes (BC Hard Mix Blend Mode and BC Subtract Blend Mode), a new BC Desaturate and a new Bleach Bypass filter.
Some filters have been updated, the best example of this is BC Color Balance that can now process separately the shadows and highlights pixels.

Here's the complete list of filters available in BC Image Unit v1.0.7:
Color Adjustment
BC Channel Mixer
BC Color Balance (updated in 1.0.7)
BC Contrast
BC Levels
BC Remove Color Cast
BC RGB Levels
Color Effect
BC Black And White
BC Color Filter
BC Desaturate (new in 1.0.7)
BC Duo Tone
BC Gaussian Gradient Overlay
BC High And Low Controls
BC Invert RGB Channels
BC Linear Gradient Overlay
BC RGB Gamma Contrast
BC Technicolor
BC Tritone
Composite Operations
BC Darker Color Blend Mode (updated in 1.0.7)
BC Divide Blend Mode (updated in 1.0.7)
BC Hard Mix (new in 1.0.7)
BC Lighter Color Blend Mode (updated in 1.0.7)
BC Linear Burn Blend Mode (updated in 1.0.7)
BC Linear Dodge Blend Mode (updated in 1.0.7)
BC Subtract Blend Mode (new in 1.0.7)
BC High Pass Sharpening
BC Bleach Bypass (new in 1.0.7)
BC Dabs Painting
BC Engraving
BC Film Process
BC High Pass
BC Mosaic
BC Noisyfier
BC Orton Effect
BC Round Pixellate
BC Sketch
BC Spot
BC Vignette

Download BC Image Unit v1.0.7