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Postby StephanieM » March 18th, 2008, 11:33 am

Hi all:

I've used BCC for about a year to print cards for people with their photos on them. I get the photos into Address Book via an AppleScript, then select a template and pull in their info.

The quality on each of my three printers is very different. Each one is set to use its ColorSync profile, but the photos on one are fine while the other two are much darker and yellower - not saleable at all. (Of course the good colour comes out on the slowest and most jam-prone printer of all!)

Other apps seem to print colour on all three quite accurately, which makes me wonder if the ColorSync profile in the photo is being discarded when I import it from Address Book. The images in Address Book do contain the profile (sRGB).

Can any of the nice folks at BeLight shed some light on this?
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Postby Nick » March 19th, 2008, 8:30 am


The developers say that BCC uses the system default color profile (don't ask me which one).

Try to export a business card to TIFF file (via File > Export). Then open the exported image in, choose Tools > Match to Profile and select your printer profile. Then print to see how setting the profile changes printed colors.

Two questions:
1. When you click the Preview button in the standard Print dialog, does it display colors correctly? When you print from, are colors same as at direct printing from BCC?
2. How do you know what profile was assigned to an image in Address Book? I don't see any settings that change/display color profiles in Address Book.


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