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Postby pinwi6 » February 7th, 2010, 12:15 am

On February I purchased Disc Cover 2, and it worked perfect! But This week I bought "PrintFolio" for a special price for the "upgrade" to get the bundle, since I already had Disc Cover. Today I tried to use Disc Cover and it said "This version is not licensed" and I re-inserted my previously purchased license and it gives me the error message "The Code you entered is not correct. Please try again."
Also, I received help from Alexander Romanchykov from sales dept. asking me to "launch Printfolio and select "Printfolio > License" menu. Enter your name and license code there. " I tried to do that BUT it won't let me, so I went individually to Swift Publisher, Business Card Composer and Labels and Addresses and they all have the "Thank you for using a licensed copy of..." and the same License Code shows in them, but Disc Cover states it's not licensed!
I don't know what else I can try, for Disc Cover worked perfectly with my previous license, but now with Printfolio installed and licensed, Disc Cover is not recognizing either the previous code or the new Printfolio code.

Please HELP!
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Postby Nick » February 7th, 2010, 2:47 am


In your Home there are stored the preferences files for Printfolio and Disc Cover. Make sure that these programs aren't running. Then delete their preferences files:

This action will bring the software settings to the default state and will make possible to re-register it.

To input the license code, open the Printfolio application and paste the code into its registration dialog.


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