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Postby Nick » February 19th, 2009, 6:28 am

I've got the following tip and want to share it.

The Labelflash technology allows users to laser etch custom designs or images onto DVD, making the disc surface look neat. Unfortunately, at present Labelflash drives are not directly supported by Macintosh computers.

However, it is possible to make a Labelflash-enabled drive work with your Mac and etch labels on discs.

Here are the steps on how to use Labelflash on a Mac:
1. Make sure your Mac has a Firewire port - the solution only works via Firewire (tested with FireWire 400, though 800 should also work).
2. You will need a Labelflash-compatible burner. This may be a NEC ND-3551A, ND-4551A, ND-4571A, Sony NEC Optiarc drives AD-7173, AD-7543, AD-7633 or AD-7913, Pioneer DVR-111L. These drives were not officially available in the North America at the time of writing this article, but can be bought from or abroad. In Europe such drives are available from many online stores, such as
3. Buy a 5.25“ external IDE enclosure to fit in the burner. Make sure the enclosure has IDE interface and supports connection by Firewire. Vantec NexStar 2 NST-525UF is an example.
4. To burn labels Install the drive into the enclosure and connect it to your Mac’s Firewire port.
5. You will need special Labelflash media. Labelflash DVDs are currently manufactured by Fujifilm and Memorex. Labelflash-enabled drives also support the so-called DiscT@2 technology, allowing you to etch graphics or text on the unused area of the data side of regular DVD±R discs.
6. Use Disc Cover software to burn your Labelflash or DiscT@2 labels.


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