printing discs--colors not all working

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Postby bija » October 8th, 2012, 12:22 pm

I don't know if it is the Disc Cover 3.0.7 software or what, but I was printing onto a hub printable disc and it came out in reds and yellows only. No blues or blacks. I did another copy and it came out the same way.

I then printed out a test page using my HP Printer Utility and all colors printed out just fine.

Today, I burned another disc and went back to Disc Cover 3.0.6 and printed the same label. This time there was a little bit of black and blue but still not enough for the graphic to look the way it should.

My HP ink cartridges are not that old and are pretty full. I am using regular ink, not photo ink as I sometimes do with discs. I would like to know where the problem is. Is it Disc Cover software that is the problem? Is it my printer? Is it my cartridges? It doesn't make sense that printing a test page works fine but printing discs are not working right.
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Postby Nick » October 9th, 2012, 3:45 am


Disc Cover cannot remove the colors this way. You need to check out the printer and its driver. To see what is sent to your printer, click on the PDF button in the system Print dialog and choose Open PDF in Preview. The colors there must be correct. If they are, print the image on plain paper for a test.

The problem with colors can be caused by ink cartridges. Normally, it helps to run the "clean print nozzles" procedure provided by the printer utility.

Another possibility is incorrect settings in the system Print dialog:
1. Make sure that the Preset option is set to Default Settings.
2. Set the highest printing quality.
3. Check the color settings. Some printer drivers let the user adjust the percentage of one of inks. If you have this option, make sure that you have the default settings.


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