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Working with Layers

Managing Layers

The Layer bar is used to work with layers. To open the Layer bar, tap the Layer icon in the toolbar and choose Manage. The bar opens above the canvas and displays the thumbnail of each layer.

Layer bar

The thumbnail of the currently selected layer has a frame with the gear icon in the corner. Tapping on this icon opens the actions menu.

Selecting Layers

To activate any layer (that is, select the object on it), tap on its thumbnail in the Layer bar. This way may be also useful when the objects overlap, and you cannot reach one located behind another.

Changing the Layer Order

The order of layers in the Layer bar determines how objects overlap one another. The topmost layer in your design is displayed to the right. The layer in the bottom is the leftmost in the Layer bar respectively.

To change the stacking order, drag the layer thumbnail to a new place between two other layers or to the righmost position.

Editing Layers

To change the content of the selected layer, open the actions menu and choose Edit Text for a text layer, or Edit Geometry for a shape. Depending on the layer content (text or shape) this command opens either the text editor or the vector shape editor.

Duplicating Layers

To create a copy of the selected layer, open the actions menu and choose Duplicate.

Removing Layers

To change remove the selected layer, open the actions menu and choose Delete.

Converting Text to Shape

To modify text as a vector image, choose the Convert to Shape command in its actions menu. The program will convert the text to an image and open it in the vector shape editor. This allows you customize letters but you won't be able then to open the result in the text editor.

Adding a Shape to the Library

A shape present in your document can be added to the library of custom shapes. To do this, select Add to Shapes in the actions menu.

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