Art Text 2 Plug-in for BeLight Printing Apps

Owners of our printing apps (Disc Cover, Business Card Composer and Labels & Addresses) can use Art Text 2 free of charge for their print projects thanks to direct integration. This is a great way to design beautiful word art, headings, logos and more. And the best part? It's as simple as downloading the trial version of Art Text 2 and following the simple directions below.

Note: Art Text 3 does not work as a plug-in with Disc Cover, Business Card Composer and Labels & Addresses. Nevertheless, you can export Art Text 3 graphics to Clipboard and paste it anywhere.

How To Use the Plug-in:

  1. Install the trial (unregistered) version of Art Text 2.
  2. Launch it from inside any one of the apps using the Art Text button in the toolbar.
  3. Create your design.
  4. Send the design back to your print project.
Art Text Plug-in button in Business Card Composer

Plug-in Restrictions

Work created using the Art Text plug-in can only be used in BeLight print apps. The graphics exported from Art Text plug-in to an image file will have a watermark. To export Art Text graphics to image files without a watermark, one must purchase Art Text and register it.

Download Plug-in

Meet Art Text 3

The new version makes an enormous leap ahead in word art, heading and logo design. To name just a few prominent enhancements, ability to create real 3D graphics, advanced masks, tileable textures, renewed graphic content and many more.