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Transparent Background

Art Text can create and export images with transparent background. For this the following conditions should be met.

Condition 1

To export an image with the transparent background (alpha channel), your design should have the transparent background. To check this out, switch the canvas to the Chessboard background in the program Preferences (Cmd-,). The chessboard will be seen through transparent parts of your design.

Condition 2

When you export your work to an image, use a graphic file format that supports transparency (alpha channel). In Art Text, choose one of the following formats: PDF, TIFF, PNG, GIF (set Include Transparency), EPS.

Condition 3

It doesn't really concern Art Text, but you should know this. Applications that will receive an image (exported or copied via the clipboard) should support the alpha channel. If an image has white or black background in another program, export from Art Text with another file format.


Replacing Transparency with the Solid Color

When you export to the graphic format that doesn't support transparency, the transparent parts are filled with a solid color used for the canvas background. This color is white by default. To choose another color, open the program Preferences dialog (Cmd-,) and select the Solid radio button. Then select the color.


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