Buying by using SWREG (Digital River)

Any other suggestions you may have
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Postby doubletwin » September 9th, 2009, 3:13 am

This is the second day that I'm trying to buy (for download) the BusinessCard Composer.
I have tried using several different Credit Cards and also several Browsers (FF, Safari) - only frustration prevails! The payment process consistently runs into an Error! Of course I've noted them on , answers from there take ages.
I've experienced problems with SWREG (Digital River) before ... - in my opinion, a payment process should work flawlessly and not hamper or hinder people to spend their money!
I need to get the registration done with the software, since without it I can't use it.
Can I buy the download-item also from somewhere else - using a different payment-process? The apple store: Only boxed product?
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Postby Nick » September 9th, 2009, 3:27 am


Please contact our sales support by email:


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