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Postby Evangelist » November 16th, 2006, 5:34 pm

Greetings! I just received the boxed edition of BCC with the 2 CDs. I installed the software on my MacBook Pro using those 2 CDs. Everything installed great and BCC is up and running fine. I composed a test biz card and printed it out without problem. Great. However, I noticed in the "About" screen that my version of BCC is 3.2 (284). I downloaded the the Update but the version remains 3.2 (284). What's up? Do I have version 4.1 or not? What's up?

Thanks & God Bless!

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Postby Andrew » November 17th, 2006, 11:59 am

Hello Rick,

Thank you for purchasing Business Card Composer. You are right about receiving version 3 box, but also there should be 2 extra CDs included with version 4. Please see my explanation below, why we do this thing.

We distribute v.3 box, as it has Free business card paper inside, while new v.4 box has no paper. We decided to give our online customer such an advantage because we had some v.3 boxes left. To assure that customers get the latest version of the program we ship 2 additional CDs with version 4. Let me know if you didn't receive them.

Andrew Cherfas
Sales & Marketing
BeLight Software

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